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Jane Brighton

Counselling / Art Therapy

Jane Brighton

Discovery through Art

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Art Therapy and Counselling can:

Art Therapy / Art Psychotherapy

Art therapy is a powerful psychological therapy in the treatment of anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress syndrome, bipolar disorder and psychosis.

I provide a supportive, confidential place where you will be listened to and helped to clarify issues and difficulties.

When and if you are ready you can use line, colours, images or doodles. I also work with any dreams you have.


I was a senior counsellor with the Gloucester Counselling Service for 8 years and taught counselling on their training courses and for the Cotswold Counselling Service and at Gloscat.

I have worked for over twenty five years as an art therapist and psychotherapist in the NHS and social services.

I was part of the psychological therapy team alongside psychotherapists and psychologists in adult mental health.

Art therapy was an integral part of the treatment plan. I provided short and long term therapy with individual clients and groups.

I have experience working in the day centres for social services and mental health associations for twenty years , running art therapy groups and working with individuals.

I have fourteen years experience in a complementary clinic in Cheltenham, Hereford, and Wales for people experiencing life threatening illnesses.

I was part of a team of multi-disciplinary therapists where the physical, emotional and spiritual health was supported and the profound connections recognised. I also ran bereavement and training groups for the Hospice in the Marshes.

I also experienced working as an art therapist for four years with children in a therapeutic community. Children respond well to expressing themselves visually and their distress and problems are often more easily and directly expressed in this way rather than verbally.

I was a senior counsellor with the Gloucestershire Counselling Service for eight years and the intake counsellor for Cheltenham.

I taught counselling for the Cotswold Counselling Service and the Gloucestershire Counselling Service. Much of my work as a counsellor was working with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, post traumatic syndrome or relationship problems.

I now have a private practice in central Cheltenham near the Bath Road (and free parking).

People come for many reasons - depression, anxiety, relationship problems or just a sense of having lost a sense of direction or wanting a space for reflection and healing.

I also work with trainee art therapists for the duration of their two year MA training.

As a counsellor / art psychotherapist, when appropriate, I work with dreams or art materials as these can often help express what is unknown or difficult to talk about. However, I have extensive experience in talking therapies and I know some people will just want to talk.

Professional Bodies

I am a registered member of the professional bodies HPCP (The Health Profession Council) and BAAT and registered with the British Association of Art Therapists to work as a private therapist.

I abide by the rules and criteria demanded of these organisations.


Diploma in Art Therapy Goldsmiths London. HPC Reg. BAAT Reg Private Practice

Certificate of Counselling

Postgraduate Certificate in Education

MA Fine Art - practising artist -

If you would like to have an initial conversation to find out if I can help, please do get in touch.

Book a Session

The sessions are completely confidential and I aim to provide a safe and supportive space for you.

All patients must have an initial telephone consultation to determine if they are suitable for art therapy, free of charge.

To book this consultation please email jane_b.artist <AT> or phone: phone number image